CONFIDENCE MARTIAL ARTS - Self Defense and Fitness in Wilmington, NC

There is a lot going on in the month of January and February here at Confidence Martial Arts. You can see everything on our upcoming events board at the academy, but here is a breakdown of what’s going on with more detail: January 17th – 31st: ATA Fit class is still every Saturday for the entire month of January, there are still 3 Fit classes left and it is not to late to join us! Don’t forget it’s FREE!!! January 31st: Graduation Fees are due! See an instructor to get your fees paid on or before this date so you do not have to pay a late fee! Also Fees are also due for the upcoming Tournament! February 9th: @ 6:00pm will be our high rank testing!! If you are blue belt or above please be punctual so we can start testing right at 6:00pm!!! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! ATA Tigers will still have class on this day, but there will be NO BEGINNER CLASS! February 13th: New Friday Classes will start! Stay tuned for a new schedule! February 14th: PARENTS NIGHT OUT!! It’s Valentine’s Day so drop your kids and their friends off with us and have a great night out with your significant other! 6:00pm – 10:oopm its $20 for the first kid then only $5 for additional siblings or a friend! February 16th: GRADUATION! ATA Tigers and K4K Beginners will have their graduation at 5:00pm. Then, K4K advanced and all adults will be at 6:00pm. No regularly scheduled class will be held on this day!! February 20th-22nd: Class A Tournament in Durham, NC!! Talk to an instructor for more details on the tournament! NO CLASS ON SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 21ST!!!