CONFIDENCE MARTIAL ARTS - Self Defense and Fitness in Wilmington, NC

It’s that time of year at Confidence Martial Arts for summer Uniforms! As the temperatures are rising, we understand your traditional uniforms can become quite uncomfortable to train in. So, from April -September all students are allowed to wear Summer Uniforms! Not sure what this includes? I’ll tell you!

Tops: Any ATA t-shirts you have purchased through Confidence Martial Arts OR any Tournament T-shirts that you have are acceptable attire for Summer Uniform. You may NOT wear any other T-shirts you own, even if they are plain, they MUST be ATA branded or Tournament T-shirts!

Bottoms: Any of the following types of training pants are acceptable for Summer Uniforms, white traditional uniform pants, Black XMA pants, or Black training pants you have purchased either through us or that are ATA Branded. You may NOT wear training pants that are not ATA branded, leggings, shorts, or any other type of workout pants.

If you are unsure if what you have meets the Summer Uniform requirements then please ask a Confidence Martial Arts Staff member BEFORE wearing a T-shirt or Pants to class. ALSO, remember that at events such at Testings and Graduations full Traditional Uniforms MUST be worn, unless otherwise approved by a Team Member… NO EXCEPTIONS! Let’s all have a great Summer and stay lookingMMA sharp!