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Sparring and Reaction Training

Sparring and Reaction Training Event!

Date: November 17th, 2017
Time: 6 PM to 8 PM
Attire: TKD uniform or Summer wear (Black pants and Karate T-Shirt)

We had so much fun at our first Sparring and Dodgeball Night that we are going to do it again! What’s not to like about learning some awesome martial arts moves AND playing Dodgeball?! This one is going to be extra special because you can bring a friend, and it’s free!

Both Sparring and Dodgeball are great training for honing your reaction time. In real life, quick assessment and reaction to extreme situations are very important to stay safe and protect yourself and your family.  In situations that are not dangerous, this “situational awareness” is also important to be able to read people for more effective communication. Being mindful of yourself and others around you leads to better conflict management.  Please join us, along with a friend and have fun learning this critical life skill!

Here’s how it is done…

  1. Bring a Friend with you to class prior to the event, or have them register using the form below.
  2. Make sure that your friend fills out the Future Leader form completely.
  3. Let your instructor know that you plan on attending the Sparring and Dodgeball night event.
  4. BOOM! You AND your friend are now invited to attend the Sparring and Dodgeball Night!

This is a FREE event for all that qualify! 

We look forward to seeing everyone having a great time with their Buddies on Sparring and Dodgeball Night, November 17th, 2017!

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