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ata_main_art-MKKThe concept of belts and rank is probably one that most people associate with Taekwondo and martial arts in general, even if they only have a passing interest in the subject.

In Songahm Taekwondo, our belts reflect a member’s proven level of competence and the progression of colors reflects an inner journey that never truly ends. Each belt earned by the student is truly an accomplishment worthy of respect.

It is also worth noting that achieving a belt isn’t just a matter of “time in rank”. In order to achieve their next rank, a student must demonstrate their proficiency in their current belt’s techniques and general understanding.

These documents are being placed here as a reference point only so our students can practice with confidence at home.  The best way to take advantage of these documents is to purchase the respective DVD and follow along as you practice while the Master Instructor demonstrates on the DVD.  The following are links to our Form sheets:

White Belt – Songham 1: 18 moves

Orange Belt – Songham 2: 23 moves

Yellow Belt – Songham 3: 28 moves

Camo Belt – Songham 4: 31 moves

Green Belt – Songham 5: 34 moves

Purple Belt – In Wah 1: 44 moves

Blue Belt – In Wah 2: 42 moves

Brown Belt – Choong Jung 1: 44 moves

Red Belt – Choong Jung 2: 46 moves

1st Degree Black Belt – pdf_1st_degree_form