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It’s almost September which means a new life skill for month here at Confidence Martial Arts! Honor will be the word of the month, but what is honor? Having honor to a young person means being known for your goodness, keeping your promises, andKarate-For-Kids-PreSchool2 earning the respect of others. As an adult, honor means deserving the trust and faith others have in you. So, what are some ways you can make sure you are showing honor to others and to yourself? Well, first, always stand up for what you believe in. Also, make sure you always keep secrets of those that trust you, because if you fail to keep those secrets and promises then you are not showing that your honor them as a friend or family member. Always do what you say you’ll do even if something better comes along. Honor is the strength of your character and it is a gift you give yourself. True honor comes from deserving respect weather or not you have received it.  Your instructors at Confidence Martial Arts challenge you to show your inner character this month and let your honor shine.