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Region 111 2018 Annual Camp

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To All Leadership, Legacy and Instructor Students

On May 19th, Region 111 will be hosting a Training Camp for you!  Region 111 Chief Masters, Senior Masters, and Masters will be leading the training.  This is your opportunity to train with the Songahm Legends of Region 111.  There are 2 Training Tracks being Offered:

Instruction Track

The Instruction Major Track will be open to Blue Belt and above.  This track will focus on Songahm Forms, Kicks, Sparring and Board Breaking Curriculum.  Also training on Warrior Combos, Legacy Teaching Quadrants, and Life Skills Curriculum Delivery.

Protech Track

The other option at the camp will be the Protech Major Track.  This track will be available to 1st Degree Decided Black Belts and above.  This track will focus on the review and fine tuning of the Protech weapons forms for 1st thru 5th degree.  Also in this track will be Combat Weapons Sparring Training.  At the conclusion of the track there will be an opportunity to certify in Weapons Judging up to 3 stars.

I hope that you will be able to attend. Respectfully, Chief Master Leitzke

Dates and Locations:

Friday Night, May 18th:

Midterm Testings and Judging Certification Clinics
Friday Location: Vision Martial Arts, 3586 Davis Dr. Morrisville NC 27560

Saturday, May 19th:

Core Instruction Track and Protech Track Training
Saturday Location: Crosspointe Church, 6911 Carpenter Fire Station Rd., Cary NC 27519



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