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Confidence Martial Arts would like for you to meet one of our new black belts: Jackie Jacobs. Miss Jacobs is 8 years old and has been training with us since she has been 5 years old. Miss Jacobs is in our Instructor Program here at Confidence Martial Arts and also enjoys competing in tournaments. Last year, while competing as a color belt, Miss Jacobs qualified for the Districts Tournament in combat weapons sparring. Miss Jacobs is a big part of our school, she trains 3 days a week in traditional classes as well as XMA and Creative forms and weapons classes, and she also helps out by assisting her instructors in teaching the beginner level classes several times a week. She also supports the school every chance she gets by attending every event Confidence Martial Arts puts on. All her dedication and hard work paid off on Monday, August 18th 2014 when she received her 1st degree black belt decided!

1021141811b-1-162x300 Here is an exclusive interview with Miss Jackie Jacobs:

Q: What is your favorite part about being a black belt?

A: I get to learn a lot more cool things being a black belt. Also, it makes me feel special! (We all think Miss Jacobs should feel very special, how many 8 year old black belts do you know!?)

Q: What is your next Taekwondo goal?

A: Getting my 2nd Degree Black Belt!

Q: What is your favorite weapon to use?

A: Ssahng-joel-Bong (Nun chucks)

Q: Tell us a fun fact about you that is not related to Martial Arts?

A: I like to dance, sing, and do gymnastics! (what CAN”T this girl do!)

Confidence Martial Arts is so proud of Miss Jacobs for all her hard work and all her involvement with the school. We know she will continue to work hard towards her new martial arts goals, and no doubt she will achieve anything in life that she puts her mind to.