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When it comes to the issue of physical fitness, martial arts for men offers a number of unique advantages. In most of the martial arts for men, training is done without special equipment or weights. Students practice in groups or in their individual capacity. As the body knows its limits, strains or injuries are very rare. The complete muscle network of the body, from fingers to toes, undergoes rigorous exercise in a well-balanced martial arts school.

Uncountable Benefits

The emphasis in executing a perfect kicking movement, twisting the trunks and counter balancing hand movements create well toned muscle and firm abdomen. The raising high of the legs in most martial arts kicks lead to the development of inner thigh and trunk muscles as well as enhanced flexibility. Such attributes can assist in everyday life be it in the office, with the family or on a hike through the woods.

A standard training program involves entire body movements, and results in raising pulse rate along with oxygen characteristics of lungs and heart over longer periods. This rise in ventilation is called aerobic effect and offers following benefits:

  • Assists lungs so that they can operate with increased efficiency
  • Enlarge blood vessels, thus making them pliable. Blood flow resistance is also decreased, resulting in the lowering of diastolic blood pressure.
  • Makes body tissue healthier due to the supply of increased oxygen
  • Increases blood supply, specially hemoglobin and red blood cells
  • It also conditions the heart and offers an increased reserve in time for emergencies
  • Promotes a healthier sleep and the elimination of waste

Martial arts also normalize body weight since the underweight gains solid tissue and the obese loses body fat. A martial arts exponent also creates a ground for excelling in other sports and general everyday life as well. Muscular strength and dynamic energy are increased. The ability to move quickly becomes a reality. Leading to flexibility of muscle, ligaments and joints to increase. The power of peripheral vision also goes up with the increase in the concentration of the mind. I strongly recommend that you attend the martial arts training facility and see what features and benefits they have to offer for you.

Tracy Lee Thomas
Master Instructor