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This article details how martial arts training can prevent and alleviate childhood obesity.

Unfortunately, some people still view martial arts as a violent sport or only for self-defense. It may sound cliché, but for many healthy people, karate is a way of life. It combines strength and flexibility training with aerobic exercise. Results include better balance, more endurance, greater control of lean, toned bodies and more agile minds.

Finding a Suitable Karate Program

Many martial arts schools recognize the problem of childhood obesity and offer age-appropriate training programs as a solution. Each student is challenged to make progress at his or her own pace. Advancing in skill, belt color, and rank is not a race! Instructors are trained to help individuals set and reach practical goals one step at a time. Lessons build upon each other from basic to advanced techniques. Classes are strenuous, but also fun, exciting, and entertaining.

Preventing childhood obesity is a matter of resolve and expertise. Karate instructors model and teach behavior on the mat that carries over into every aspect of students’ lives. In addition to exercise that helps students lose weight and build muscles, many programs teach lessons on virtue. Such life skills help students resist temptations, stay loyal to their goals, and be the best they can be. The result is often better quality of life for all who are willing to try.