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Karate-For-PreSchool The most important class your kids can take this semester covers a lot of territory – history, philosophy, geography, physics, business etiquette, speech, and of course P.E. But it isn’t held in the schoolroom – it happens every day at your local martial arts school! While academic studies are vital for growing minds and bodies, training in a traditional martial arts discipline provides a wide range of life-long abilities that school alone simply can’t provide. That’s why so many parents are enrolling their kids in karate – to supplement, support, and maximize the results of the training they receive in school. Year-round, structured activities like martial arts training were proven in scientific studies to improve scores and grades in minors. Students report greater self-esteem, more confidence, and the ability to concentrate for longer periods of time. The ability to cope with academic and interpersonal challenges in productive ways is greatly enhanced. Test scores and grades often increase in tandem with advancement in belt color and rank. How does karate have such positive effects on students? By design! Lead by expert instructors in a safe, low-stress environment, students at do much more than punch, kick, jump, and yell. They learn patience. Goal-setting. Self-control. Courtesy. Respect. They learn to apply these lessons to their lives off the mat – at school, at home, and in our community. They learn charity. Integrity. Loyalty. Discipline. With focus on understanding and applying these principles on a regular basis – in addition to the physical training, students gradually see things, people, situations, and themselves differently, more positively.