CONFIDENCE MARTIAL ARTS - Self Defense and Fitness in Wilmington, NC

Confidence Martial Arts has two big events Coming up, and they are both on the same day! On Saturday, April 18th starting at 10am will be our graduation ceremony, which will run till 1pm. Then we will also be doing a demo at the Pine Valley Elementary School’s Spring Fling. We will be at the elementary school from 12pm till 3pm. April’s graduation will be held at Hugh MacRae Park in shelter #3 and will start promptly at 10am, so please arrive early! Also, this is a potluck picnic style graduation so after the ceremony we can all sit down with each other and eat some yummy food! Don’t forget to sign up for what you would like to bring to the picnic when you come in to class or when you bring your child into class at the Confidence Martial Arts academy. Also, do not forget that graduation fees are due by Tuesday, March 31st. All fees paid after this date will be subject to a $10 late fee. After the picnic is over we will be heading over to Pine Valley Elementary School for their annual Spring Fling! We will have a booth set up and will also be doing some demos! This will be a great chance for students, new or experienced, to get to show off their forms, weapons, and board breaks! Also, this will be a great time for our demo team to show off what they got as well! If you are intrested in being apart of this awesome event then sign up at the Confidence Martial Arts Academy! This will be a very exciting day and we are looking forward to seeing you all graduate and watch you perform at the demo!