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March’s life skill word of the month is loyalty! Showing loyalty means being faithful to your family, friends, and beliefs. Here at Confidence Martial Arts we believe loyalty is very important for everyone to have and show to others. Chief Master Clark said, “Loyalty is a choice you make; it come from within. It is not something you talk about, it’s not a feeling. It is something you do. It is part of who you are.” For example, you cannot be friends with someone just when you feel like it, because then you are not really a friend. Being loyal means you stand with others when they need it most. Here are some great ways to show loyalty: -Stand up for your beliefs -Look out for those who care about you and who you care about -Be a good friend even when they are not around -Do not listen to others gossip about someone you care about -Be honest and truthful to your parents -Use positive words and have a positive attitude toward your activities There are so many ways to show loyalty. This month make sure you go above and beyond to show those you care about that you are loyal to them, and tell your instructor at Confidence Martial Arts about it so you can earn a blue star in class!!