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A family that kicks together sticks together! This could not be truer for the Hill family: Dr. David Hill, Abby Hill, Sellers Hill, and Julian Hill. All four of them train together here at Confidence Martial arts, and they are all black belts! So that means, this is one family you do not want to mess with. The Hills started their martial arts journey with us in November of 2011 and have all achieved their black belts! This family has a lot of spirit and brings high energy to the school every time they walk in the doors. They work hard and motivate each other, and on Feb. 21st attended their first tournament where they all put forth their best efforts and did an amazing job. All of their instructors here at Confidence Martial Arts are so proud of them! The Hills may train together but they love training for very different reasons and have their own unique way of doing things. Let’s learn a little bit more about each of them: Dr. David Hill is the glue that holds all of them together. He encourages his children, and recognizes their differences and supports them. He has such a way with kids, which is probably why he is a pediatrician! Dr. Hill got his 1st degree black belt in December of 2013.  This is why Dr. Hill says he loves Taekwondo: “I love sharing martial arts with my children, learning together, and watching them accomplish thing I could only dream of.” Well he should be so proud of all 3 of his kids because they have accomplished so much. He should also be very proud of himself, because he works hard and we see him improve every day. The oldest of the 3 Hill kids is Abby Hill. At 15 years old Miss Hill is a 2nd Degree Recommended black belt. She received her 1st Degree black belt in October of 2013.  Miss Hill has a great talent for taekwondo, and like her dad, is great with kids! She is going to make an amazing instructor because she works hard and cares about other people. Miss Hill also has a great sense of humor and there is never a dull moment with her in class. Abby shared with us why she really loves coming here to train, she said: “I love taekwondo because when you step into the studio you shape into this whole other person, in a different world. No matter what you are facing in life, if all flies away once you tie your belt.”  As long as Miss Hill keeps working hard here with us, there is no doubt she will be able to handle anything life throws her in the future. Next up is Mr. Sellers Hill! Sellers was the first one in the Hill family to achieve his black belt, which he got in August of 2013. Sellers is now a 2nd Degree Recommended black belt, and comes in and works hard every time he is here. Even though he is a bit of a joker at times, you can tell he takes his training very seriously. Sellers is also extremely creative, and it is so great to watch him in XMA class come up with his own forms and weapons forms! Sellers says this is why he loves taekwondo so much, “My favorite part of taking taekwondo lessons is learning self defense. I love knowing that I could hold my own if I ever get into a tough situation!” I don’t think anyone would want to get into a tough situation with Sellers! We are very excited watching his progress, and he will soon be testing for his 2nd degree black belt. It’s great to watch him achieve his goals that he works so hard towards. The youngest of the Hill Family is Julian Hill, and he says, “My favorite part about taekwondo is leading and teaching because it is fun to be in charge of a class and help other students.” Julian got his 1st Degree black belt in December of 2013, and continues to work hard towards being a recommended 2nd degree black belt. Mr. Julian Hill has so much spunk and energy and it really makes him competitive at sparring.  Julian has no fear when it comes to trying new things such as jump and trick kicks.  Julian is a great role model for kids his age, being a black belt at only 10 years old, he shows that anyone can accomplish this goals. Also, Julian is really great at encouraging our color belt students and will be a great instructor one day. Julian brings certain energy to a room that no one else does, and we really enjoy having him as one of our instructor students. What an amazing family the Hills are. Confidence Martial Arts is very lucky to have all of them training here with us, and are so excited for their future in martial arts!