CONFIDENCE MARTIAL ARTS - Self Defense and Fitness in Wilmington, NC

This year St. Patrick’s Day is on Tuesday, March 17th and Confidence Martial Arts is doing a Buddy Night with a chance to win a FREE T-shirt! So, for classes on Tuesday the 17th all students will be allowed to wear a green t-shirt to class, they must still wear ATA pants and their belts with the green t-shirt. If they wear a green t-shirt to class they will get one entry into the FREE t-shirt drawing! OR, if students bring a friend with them to class on Tuesday the 17th they will get 5 entries in the FREE t-shirt drawing per friend! We will be giving away 2 FREE t-shirts, and the winner will get to choose any t-shirt from the website and we will order it for them in their size! SO! Wear green, bring friends, have fun, and win a FREE t-shirt!