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Here at Confidence Martial Arts our word of the month is Goals in Martial Arts, but what is a goal? A goal is to want something, and be willing to work hard for it. So, for the month of January, we all need to set a goal that has to do with martial arts. Everyone’s goal will be different, and it can be a short term goal or a long term goal, but they all need to be SMART goals! What is a SMART goal you ask? First, your goal must be Specific, so write down exactly what you are wanting to accomplish. Next step is to make sure your goal is Motivating, or that it excites you and makes you happy! After you make sure it motivating, you mush make sure its Achievable and you feel it is possible to reach your goal. Your goal must also be Relevant, so make sure you know why it is important to you. Finally, your goal needs to be Trackable, which means you should be able to track and measure your progress in working towards your goal. Now that you know how to set a goal, put it to action! If you write down your goal (make sure its SMART) and bring it to an instructor, you will earn a blue star! We can’t wait to see your goals!