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Every martial artist would love to be able to kick super high, but how do you get your kicks to “new heights”!? Well it’s all about your core strength and your flexibility! However, there are some things you need to make sure you have down before you can get higher taekwondo kicks. First, and most important, is your technique. It won’t matter if you can kick over someone’s head if your technique isn’t correct, because it will look sloppy and will not be as effective. Next, you need to set a goal. To set a goal you need to ask yourself a few questions: What kind of kick are you trying to kick to new heights with? How high exactly would you like your kick to be? When would you like to accomplish this by? Make sure your goal is realistic! We can’t say, “I want my side kicks to be 10 inches higher by tomorrow!” That is just not possible and then when it doesn’t happen you will be discouraged. Make sure it’s an achievable goal! For example, “I want my side kicks to be 6 inches higher by the end of February!” This is much more realistic and it is something you can track. Now that you have a destination for you new heights, you need a road map to guide you on how to get there. A great starting place for being able to kick higher is becoming more flexible! Stretch your legs twice a day. Make a schedule for yourself and stick to it, pick what two times a day and what stretches you want to do. Also, practice your kick at least 10 times on each foot every day.  This is a sure fire way to being able to kick higher. Want to challenge yourself even more? What about being about to hold that kick out at that height? That’s where the core strength is going to come in handy. Along with your stretching, incorporate a core workout into your weekly routine at least 3 days a week. Follow this advice and your taekwondo kicks will be reaching new heights before you know it! Having trouble with stretching and core workout ideas? Talk to one of your instructors at Confidence Martial Arts today and they will get you started on the right track!