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Confidence Martial Arts would like you to meet one of our newest black belts in Taekwondo… Mr. Daniel Steele! Mr. Steele started in our Karate 4 kids’ classes when he was only 5 years old with his big brother Thomas Steele. Mr. Daniel Steele is now 7 years old and is still training as hard as ever as on his journey for new heights as a black belt! He started his training here at Confidence Martial Arts in the spring of 2012 and since then has ranked up through the color belts and attended many of our events here, showing his support for our academy. Both Daniel and his big brother Thomas are a very important part of our school, and Daniel being only 7 years old shows that, with hard work, even kids can achieve anything at any age! Check out some of Mr. Steele’s favorite things about Taekwondo and his goals:
Q: What is your favorite part about being a black belt?
A: My favorite part about being a black belt is learning new things!

Q: What is your short term Taekwondo goal?
A: My short term goal would be to learn the next line of the black belt form.

Q: What is your long term Taekwondo goal?
A: My long term goal, right now, is to memorize the entire black belt form.

Q: What is your favorite weapon to use? Why?
A: My favorite weapon is the Bahng Mahng Ee (short stick) because I never drop it and you can do a lot of different techniques with it.

Q: How old were you when you started Martial Arts? Why did you start classes?
A: I was 4 or 5 when I started and I started because I wanted to be safe. (I’m sure his parents wanted him to be safe to!)

Q: Tell us a fun fact about you! (not related to Martial Arts)
A: I like to ride my bike, and I hate running. Mr. Daniel Steele has come such a long way since he started his taekwondo journey with us two years ago. He went from a timid and shy little boy to having more self confidence and being a tougher young man. Mr. Steele tries very hard every times he trains and has become aggressive at sparing, and has even won a few matches against his older brother. All the instructors at Confidence Martial Arts cannot wait to see Mr. Daniel Steele continue to grow as he reaches for new heights on his new journey as a black belt!