CONFIDENCE MARTIAL ARTS - Self Defense and Fitness in Wilmington, NC

It is Summer time and what better way to hang out with your friends than at Martial Arts class and get some cool stuff at the same time!  This month is your chance to bring your friends to class and show them how awesome learning Martial Arts is.  The friend’s parents are encouraged to come with them but they are not required to be there.  If your friend’s parents participate in class with you as well, then you will earn 2 points! Here’s how it works: for every friend you bring in to try class, you will earn 1 point.  If they enroll, then you earn 5 points for a total of 6 points!  The more friends you bring in with you to class, the more stuff you can get!  Also, the prizes are progressive, meaning that if you reach tier 3, you get to pick a prize from tier 1, 2, and 3! What do I win?  Check out the prizes per tier below! Tier 1 Prizes: 1-4 Points

  • ATA Temporary Tattoos
  • Color Belt Keychain
  • ATA Headband

Tier 2 Prizes: 5-9 Points

  • Grandmaster Drive Poster
  • ATA Strong Lanyard

Tier 3 Prizes: 10-14 Points

  • ATA Paracord Bracelet
  • ATA Cinch Bag
  • ATA Tumbler

Tier 4 Prizes: 15-19 Points

  • Grandmaster Bobblehead
  • ATA T-Shirt of Choice

Tier 5 Prizes: 20-24 Points

  • Red Metallic SJB (x2)
  • Red Metallic BME (x2)

Tier 6 Prizes: 25-29 Points

  • Competition Weapon of Choice