CONFIDENCE MARTIAL ARTS - Self Defense and Fitness in Wilmington, NC

        Students, Parents, and Friends, We will not be having classes on Saturday because we will be having an awesome time at the Fayetteville, NC Tournament!!!  This tournament is being hosted by the awesome instructor team, Mr. and Mrs. Master Brown.  Don’t miss out on the action, you still have time to sign up for this event at the front desk. For those of you who have not been to tournaments, this is a great opportunity for you to experience the big ATA Family without having to drive far.  Tournaments are all about learning something new,  making new friends, and motivating you to become a better martial artist.  Sure, you may get a trophy and/or medal… but the most valuable thing you and/our your child will take away from the tournament will be the positive experience.  So come on out and enjoy some great Taekwondo action in Fayetteville,  NC this weekend!  CLICK HERE for more tournament information including itinerary!