CONFIDENCE MARTIAL ARTS - Self Defense and Fitness in Wilmington, NC

Confidence Martial Arts will  be having our Summer Camp this year in July! The dates will be Monday, July 13th through Thursday July 16th from 10:00am to 3:00pm. Summer Camp is for all skill levels and there will be opportunity for rapid advancement. We will all have a great time at camp playing games, learning new skills, working on forms, sparring, weapons, board breaks, and making new friends! Please make sure you sign up for summer when you come into Confidence Martial Arts for classes! Early registration will be by June 8th and you will receive $19 off camp fees if you pay by then. Registration deadline is going to be on June 29th, so you must be signed up by that date! Come on a learn something new with us. Don’t miss out on all the fun or even a chance to rapid advance!