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Reasons to Consider KRAV MAGA Training!

Confidence Martial Arts (CMA) Krav Maga in Wilmington, NC

Krav Maga classes attract different people for different reasons. Some pursue the arts as an interesting hobby. Others consider the health and self-defense benefits of Krav Maga training. No matter the reason, there are many things to consider when making the decision to join a class. To get the most out of training, make a list of your goals and desires and explore your options. You want to find a class that will help you with your goals. Below are some common reasons for exploring Krav Maga.

KRAV MAGA for Self-Defense

Nothing takes the place of the secure feeling you get from knowing you can defend yourself, if necessary. Learning these skills in a safe environment can be a rewarding way to raise your self-esteem, confidence and feeling of control—all while getting your body into peak condition. CMA Krav Maga offers programs specifically for men, women, military and law enforcement, in addition to their core curriculum of Reality Based Training and Martial Arts for Teens and Adults.

Krav Maga Fitness

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, strengthen muscles or just become more active, Explosive and dynamic Krav Maga workouts can be fun and challenging. The training also improves endurance, coordination and balance. Many athletes choose to supplement other sports activities with martial arts to improve their overall performance.

Staying Challenged in Krav Maga

CMA Krav Maga workouts and training are always challenging, so you’ll never get bored. There’s always a new goal to reach and a new level to achieve. Mastering new techniques challenges your mind as much as doing different exercises strengthens various parts of your body. Many people prefer the variety of Dynamic Krav Maga workouts over the monotony of exercise videos or other training.


CMA Krav Maga training requires a connection between the mind and body. You’ll develop a heightened awareness of your body and its movements. Many students also gain humility by learning to respect the talents and abilities of other classmates.

Stress Reduction

Because it requires both mental and physical exertion, Krav Maga training is a great way to relieve stress. You’ll be encouraged to release your daily stresses and focus on the task at hand. The breathing techniques we teach will improve your circulation. For some, punching, kicking and striking exercises serve as a controlled release of tension and aggression. “Videos, internet-based sites and books will never replace the actual training that will take place in a professional structured class,” said Master Instructor, Senior Master Paul Leitzke, a 7th degree certified Instructor in the ATA and Krav Maga. “It’s about staying motivated with a mentor and/or Instructor that has built a rapport with his or her students. Motivation is hard to come by after a hard day at work. Instructors will help re-energize and instill the confidence needed in students so they don’t become a target in our community”. To learn more about Master Paul Leitzke and Wilmington Martial Arts, visit or call (910) 399-1950. Wilmington Martial Arts offers a FREE 3 DAY COURSE to community members. Many styles of mixed martial arts have been incorporated into the ATA’s program by Grand Master Soon Ho Lee, including: Kung Fu, Karate, and Kick Boxing Training methods similar to those seen in Mixed Martial Arts Fighting, Cage Fighting and MMA Videos The system of Dynamic Combatives in Krav Maga Grand Master Lee is a Champion Taekwondo Martial Arts Master in America and is recognized as a U.S. Taekwondo leader. Martial Arts Movies have shown the various Dynamic Martial Arts techniques that ATA utilizes in its Wilmington NC classes. While Traditional Taekwondo programs utilize a Taekwondo style uniform, the Krav Maga utilizes a line of Mixed Martial Arts Fight Wear, MMA Apparel and MMA clothing for its student uniform.