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Steps for doing a proper right side knife hand strike.

1. Chamber: You will take your right hand and place it by your left ear palm towards the ear with your fingers straight and close together with no gap in between your fingers. Your Left arm will be wrapped around your ribs with your hand in a fist. 2. Execution: Your right hand will twist out towards the target and make contact with the pinky side of the hand. The part of the hand that makes contact is the meaty portion of the hand between the pinky knuckle and the wrist. While your right hand is striking your left hand will twist back to the left side of your body as high and close to the body as possible. 3. Completion: After the strike as been executed you should end up with your right hand palm down with the pinky side of the hand torwards the target. Your left hand should end up just under your arm pit tight to your upper rib cage in a fist palm facing up.

When doing a left hand knife strike just flip the hands around anything the right hand did the left hand will do on the opposite side of the body, and the Right hand will do everything the left hand did on the opposite side of the body.