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I am very proud to say that as an instructor here at the Confidence Martial Arts (CMA) academy under the direction of a Martial Arts Master Instructor, Master Paul Leitzke, we offer first class training in martial arts to children, teens and adults of both genders. CMA addresses the needs of all people interested in enrolling in the martial arts classes. As an instructor, I teach core values, such as respect, self-esteem, discipline, confidence, and perseverance in an environment that stresses a positive attitude. I actively engage students to work on their strengths and weaknesses in their overall development. As a result, I am pleased to say that I have seen students become more confident, respectful, controlled, and mature, both inside and outside of their martial art classes. Moreover, through this teaching process they learn important social skills as well, which improve their interactions with other students, peers, parents, and teachers. Martial Arts Instructor, Max Crucitti