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This article is about how Krav Maga can teach you more realistic methods for defending yourself on the street. It explains some of the methods by which students are trained in Krav Maga at Wilmington Martial Arts Krav Maga. Krav Maga is a reality-based hand-to-hand combat system that was developed by the Israeli military. Many martial arts are known for their ceremony, pageantry, and elegant forms. Krav Maga is not one of them. What Krav Maga is known for is being simple, direct and highly effective in real world combat situations. If you’re looking for a chivalrous martial art, long on elegant forms and traditional movements, Krav Maga may not be for you. However, if you’re looking for a practical, realistic means of defending yourself on the street, then there are few better options than training in Krav Maga. I am a seventh degree black belt who has been training people in the martial arts in the Wilmington NC area for 20 years now. I’ve studied a wide variety of different dynamic martial arts in my life and I consider Krav Maga to be by far the most practical and effective of them all. At Wilmington NC Martial Arts, the object of our Krav Maga training program is to create situations that are as realistic as possible without causing injury to our students. Krav Maga goes way beyond the kicking and punching of most martial arts. By studying Krav Maga, students are able to acquire a complete system of fighting that incorporates attacking, defending, tactics, movement, vision and much more. Unlike more traditional martial arts such as karate or kung fu, Krav Maga is not about showy movements or even abiding by the rules of what is normally considered a fair fight. In a real life street situation, there is always the real possibility that one person could end up seriously injured. Our program is designed to help ensure that you are not the victim of any such injuries if the situation arises. Students who train in Krav Maga with us acquire a whole body fitness that gives them the physical means to be ready for any situation. Handling a violent assailant is physically demanding. Being able to keep your wits about you in a dangerous situation takes training and preparation. In our Krav Maga program, we thrust students into simulations of actual street encounters where we emphasize the use of the kind of down and dirty tactics that will ensure you come out on top in any dangerous encounter. A big part of Krav Maga’s effectiveness is that it teaches you to handle the stress and shock of street encounters while also providing you with a very effective arsenal of tactics and techniques to draw from. Krav Maga is also designed to be an instinctual fighting system. Therefore, the techniques are simple, direct and to the point. Even if you’ve studied another martial art for years, Krav Maga can help you develop more advanced and effective strategies for defending yourself. To find out more about our unique training program and how it can help you, contact our headquarters by phone at 910- 399-1950 or visit our website at Train Hard and Stay Safe! Master Paul Leitzke Wilmington NC Martial Arts Master Instructor-7th Degree Black Belt American Taekwondo Association Affiliated Academies Krav Maga World Wide Affiliated School