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Confidence ATA Martial Arts Helps obesity decline in Wilmington … Childhood obesity is rampant in most developed countries. A current controversy facing physical education (P.E.) classes in schools everywhere is whether or not to do body composition testing on students. Body composition testing uses a series of skin-fold measurements to determine a person’s body fat percentage. Generally, calipers are used to take the skin-fold measurements; there are other methods of body composition testing available, but the caliper method is the one often used by schools and can be fairly accurate when administered by trained personnel. In a school setting, a member of the same sex should always administer the test.

Obesity is a problem in America…

There are good arguments both for and against testing students’ body composition. Many schools lack the privacy controls needed to keep test results confidential. Some students are never taught how to read the results; those who do understand the results sometimes use them to embarrass other students. One of the pros of doing composition testing is that it would put many teens, especially girls, in the “normal” range. Borderline teens would be made aware of a potentially dangerous health issue, and it may encourage some to pursue a more active lifestyle. The cons are it may hurt the self-esteem of those with a positive self-image. False results are possible. A recent study has shown that tired or untrained personnel may alter results by 20%. Students may compare scores; those comparisons may prompt eating disorders. Many adults have nightmarish stories about their days in P.E. A new generation of teachers is working to erase that outdated image, but one thing that never changes is that something said in the wrong way may have a lifelong affect on someone. To prevent this from happening, all test results should be kept confidential, and students should be taught to track their own progress instead of comparing themselves to their classmates. The epidemic rates of obesity didn’t happen overnight and its demise will take time, too. In order for testing to have a positive effect on a community, the community needs to answer some serious questions first: • Are there safe areas for students to have fun that also promote physical activity? • Does the community have parks or youth centers for the kids to meet? • Do the kids hang out at the fast food places because they feel welcome and safe? • Are the bowling alleys and skate rinks safe, accessible and adequate in size for the students? • Is it cost prohibitive for many students to participate on local teams? • Body composition testing is just one issue. We must reexamine all aspects of our communities in order to achieve a significant decline in obesity rates. “A student’s Martial Arts journey at Confidence ATA Martial Arts is a ‘Personal Victory’ that is both positive and self rewarding and is taught in a structured manner for personal self improvement,” says Master Instructor Paul Leitzke. Master Leitzke says, “It’s about being proactive and educating our youth on the importance of healthy eating habits and a scheduled physical routine. This is why so many of our students see the difference in our Martial Arts programs in Wilmington and New Hanover County. Martial Arts for kids is more than just kicking and punching; it’s a way of life that will help change our lives for longevity.” Paul Leitzke is a 7th degree black belt in the American Taekwondo Association. He teaches various seminars, instructional camps, motivational classes on self improvement and related affects of positive thinking. For more information, please visit or call us at 910-399-1950