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Confidence Martial Arts would like you to meet one of our 2nd degree black belts: Ariana Baginski! Miss Baginski has been doing taekwondo here with us 8 years old. Miss Baginiski trains very hard at our academy several days a week, and is always setting a good example with her positive attitude and her dedication. Miss Baginski is also one of our instructor students and we love when she come in to help teach our beginner classes! Miss Baginski got her 1st degree black belt when she was 10 years old and her 2nd degree in August of 2013 when she was 12. Now, she is very focused on working towards her 3rd degree black belt! She has also been involved in a few tournaments, and regularly attends Confidence Martial Arts events and demos! Miss Baginski does a great job on her forms and is very aggressive at sparring. Her sparring skills are definitely good enough to hang with sparring adults. Check out what Miss Ariana Baginski had to say when we asked her about her taekwondo journey so far:

Q: What is your favorite part about being a black belt? Why?

A: I like that I can learn advanced forms and self defense. I also enjoy helping and instructing others. I like this because I want to learn as much as I can at any time and I like to help others get better.

Q: What is your SHORT term Taekwondo goal? Explain.

A: Right now, my short term goal is to reach 3rd degree. I want to expand my knowledge and the next forms look really cool, so I want to learn them.

Q: What is your LONG term Taekwondo goal? Explain.

A: I actually haven’t thought of a long term goal. I have been working on some of my short goals. If I had to think of one, it would probably be to work toward becoming a state champion and then a world champion. I would like to go to more competitions.

Q: What is your favorite weapon to use? Why?

A: My favorite weapon is probably the long staff. I like this weapon because it is a fun weapon. All the twirls and tricks you can do with it is fun to do. Also, the black belt form for it is a fun form to do.

Q: How old were you when you started Taekwondo? Why did you start Taekwondo?

A: I was 8 years old. Actually, I started because I had just seen a movie that had martial arts in it. I wanted to do the same things I saw in the movie.

Q: Tell us a fun fact about you! (Not related to martial arts)

A: I dance 4 days a week. I love anything Marvel related. I enjoy reading and I am director of my school’s team of library helpers.

Wow! Miss Baginski sure does keep herself busy! She really is a remarkable young lady, and a great role model for other young women her age, and I know a lot of girls, that train here at Confidence Martial Arts, are looking up to her. We are so excited to see her work towards her goals, and can’t wait to see wear this dynamic young lady goes in life. Currently our academy does not have any 3rd degree black belt K4K students, will Miss Ariana Baginski be the first?? I know I cannot wait till she gets there!